Sunday, March 25, 2012

365 Project - 12th week

Here are my photos for the 12th week of my 365 project. I used the macro lens on the 3rd and 5th photos. They are probably my favourites because I'm still having trouble with the lens (I know...practice, patience and perseverance) and am amazed when anything works out.   Nevertheless, I'm pretty happy with all of them. 

  Muddy Boots on 365 Project Windy on 365 Project Red Bell Pepper on 365 Project Mini Malted Eggs on 365 Project Ladybug on 365 Project Shake Time on 365 Project Fragile on 365 Project

Clicking on the photos will take you to larger versions and explanations on the 365 Project website. 

For more of my 365 project:
My 365 project page.
My 365 project set on Flickr.

If you are doing a 365 project, let me know.  I'd love to see your work. 

Have a great week!

1 comment:

  1. Another great series of beautiful photos!
    I especially like the first and third.
    Your choice of subjects is amazing and inspiring, I love to follow your project.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Love the watercrown in black and white.
    I think you're doing great with your macro lens.
    Wish you a wonderful day.


Thanks so much for your comment. I really appreciate it. Unfortunately, I've been getting lots of spam comments, so I'm turning on word verification to help keep spammers away. I know it's a pain; I don't like it either. Hopefully, in time I'll be able to turn it off again. Thank you!