Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Bat House

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  1. I have to know... do any bats live in there? I put up a bat house over 10 years ago and still no bats. I see bats flying around but none of them want to live in my housing.

    1. No. Supposedly, we have lots of bats in Manitoba. We were told we live in an area where we *should* have bats...lots of trees and a source of water (the river). Lots of neighbours have bat houses. Yet, no one has bats. Someone suggested that if you put guano (bat poop) near the house, it will attract other bats and you'll have bats. *Sheesh* It seemed like too much trouble locating a local source for guano. Can you imagine the conversation you'd have to have? So, we are still waiting. :(

    2. I actually see bats at dusk so I know they are here. We put the house on the back of the garage facing south for warmth and there are lots of water sources nearby. I can walk a few blocks to a nature area with wetlands. I'm not going to add poop though. I may just take the box down and replace it with a nesting shelf for robins & doves.

  2. Great shot, like your composition.
    We have bats here too, but I've never heard of bat houses.
    Happy Easter.


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