Monday, May 14, 2012

365 project - 19th week

Here are my photos for the 19th week of my 365 project. This week I took it day by day instead of worrying about finishing the project or giving up. I haven't been looking at other people's photos much (or taking the time to comment) and I think my photography has suffered because of it. I don't find this set of photos particularly interesting or exciting. Oh, well. My favourites are 1,2, and 3 (because he's just so darn cute).

Bulb on 365 Project Ends on 365 Project Rusty on 365 Project Wood on 365 Project Blade on 365 Project Lawn Tractor  on 365 Project Lily of the Valley on 365 Project

Clicking on the photos will take you to larger versions and explanations on the 365 Project website.

For more of my 365 project:
My 365 project page.
My 365 project set on Flickr.

Have a great week!


  1. Dear Marie - I hope you do not mind me picking my favourites. They are all wonderful by the way, but here goes for this week. Great idea the light bulb, love the pencil ends, and the sepia is a nice touch, then my favourite the lily of the valley. They will smell divine in a weeks time.

  2. Loved ur clicks. I am ur new follower. Do visit my blog when you get time.

  3. Another great series of wonderful shots!
    Love all of them.


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