Friday, August 24, 2012

365 Project - 29th week

At long last, a post with some photos of my 365 project. Yes, I'm still at it, but at the present time, I'm not posting on the 365 project website. I'm still utilizing Flickr, however, so you can find all of my photos over there.

Edited to add:  Considering everything, I'm pretty happy with all of these.  My favourite, though, is the first one, which is a rain drop turned upside down and enhanced with a "chrome" edit.   

Here's week 29 of my 365 project:

Abstract #6 House Detail - B&W Pretty in Lilac Fire Daylily - Again Frog Young Acorn

Clicking on the photos will take you to larger versions on Flickr. I've yet to add any explanations on there, though.  If you want more of an explanation on any of them, just ask...either here or over on Flickr.  ;)
For more of my 365 project:
My 365 project page (January 1, 2012 - July 17, 2012).
My 365 project set on Flickr.

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