Thursday, November 8, 2012

365 Project - 44th week

I'm pretty happy that I didn't miss any days this week! Yippee! At this time of year, the sun sets so early and without natural light I'm scrambling for other light sources. It's really limiting my subject matter. I know it was like this at the beginning of the year, but I got spoiled by the longer days of summer. Oh, well. That just means I have to get creative.

As I said in my previous posts, the end of this project is near. Yippee (again)! I'm looking forward to wrapping up this project and starting something new.

Here are my photos for the 44th week of my 365 project:

Spiny Crackers Handle Seed Head Slinky Cords Threaded

Clicking on the photos will take you to larger versions on Flickr. I've yet to add any explanations on there, though.  If you want more of an explanation on any of them, just ask...either here or over on Flickr.  ;)
For more of my 365 project:
My 365 project page (January 1, 2012 - July 17, 2012).
My 365 project set on Flickr.

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  1. You're so creative!
    My favorites are 1 and 4.
    Love to see your photos.


Thanks so much for your comment. I really appreciate it. Unfortunately, I've been getting lots of spam comments, so I'm turning on word verification to help keep spammers away. I know it's a pain; I don't like it either. Hopefully, in time I'll be able to turn it off again. Thank you!