Sunday, December 23, 2012

365 Project - 51st Week

Now that this project is wrapping up (only one more week to go), I've been thinking about what to do with the photos. Right now the plan is to create a book via Blurb. I've already downloaded the software, but haven't really started yet. It looks like it's really going to take some time; I'm hoping it's not going to be a whole year. ;)

I know not all of my photos are top-notch, so I'm not sure if all the photos are going to make the book or just a subset. That's to be decided.   I also have lots of decisions to make with regard to format.  I'm not even sure where to start.  It's all a bit daunting.   I hope to post some updates as things firm up.

Did I already mention that even though this project is called "365" there will be 366 photos because it's a leap year?  I hope that's not too confusing. 

This week I've started with Christmas decorations, but quickly got bored.  The last one was the most fun to take.  It started out as an experiment, but since all of the shots I took mostly turned out, I've included one here.  It's a sparkler being moved about by my husband in the dark.  There are lots of hints on the internet if you are interested in giving it a try...just Google "Photographing Sparklers" or a variation on that.   

For now, here are the photos for the 51st week of my 365 project:

Christmas Tree - 2012 Christmas Decoration Nutcracker Wheat Box Spirals Sparkler

Clicking on the photos will take you to larger versions on Flickr. I've yet to add any explanations on there, though.  If you want more of an explanation on any of them, just ask...either here or over on Flickr.  ;)
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