Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Ice Crystals

Ice crystals

More Wordless Wednesday. March 14, 2013: Updated with a better quality image. Stupid Blogger.


  1. They are much better when the picture is enlarged - you can really see the angles of the crystals - great

  2. It's not too late to share at WW Bloggers at Hope you'll join us!

  3. You are right. The photo really shines in better resolution. You should probably work on your photo resizing process... ;)

    1. Thanks. I've tried resizing, but couldn't find a way to make it better. Any suggestions???

    2. Never mind. I think I figured it out now. Hopefully, the image quality is better.

  4. Kjempeflott bilde:))
    ├śnsker deg ei kjempefin helg:))
    Klem fra Norge


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